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 Lesson 2: Spell Speed

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PostSubject: Lesson 2: Spell Speed   Sun May 04, 2014 11:57 pm

All cards with effects have spell speeds. Spell speed is a fancy term that we use in yugioh to describe how fast a card is. Spell speeds are Organized into the following categories:

Spell speed 1: Spells:Normal, Equip, Continuous, Field, Ritual

Monster effects:Ignition, Trigger, and Flip ( we will cover these later just be familiar with their association)

Spell speed 2: Traps: Normal, Continuous

Monster effects: quick

Spell speed 3: Traps: Counter

The 101 on spell speeds:
-Spell speed 1 is the slowest of all spell speeds, these cannot be activated in response to any other effects and cannot be chain link 2 or higher unless multiple are used simultaneously (example: Flip man eater bug, destroy sangan and add exodia piece, this is example where spell speed 1 effect can be activated as chain link 2)
-Spell speed 2 can respond to any spell speed 1 or spell speed 2 effect and can be activated on any phase for the most part (quickplay has to be set first though) Example: you can use the continuous effect of infestation infection in your opponent's main phase.
-Spell speed 3 is the fastest of all of the spell speeds and you CANNOT chain spell speed 1 and spell speed 2 to this (example: you cannot chain forbidden lance to solemn warning) you can only chain spell speed 3 to spell speed 3.

That's about it, here are some review questions to test your knowledge on spell speeds: https://testmoz.com/303531

P.S: There is more to spell speeds than this, this is just basic knowledge i will go over more complex situations in future situations. Also feedback is appreciated Razz
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Lesson 2: Spell Speed
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