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 Lesson 3: Monster effects

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PostSubject: Lesson 3: Monster effects   Mon May 05, 2014 10:50 pm

Monster effects are a big part of the game in yugioh. A better understanding of these type of effects can go a long way towards honing your knowledge in the yugioh game.

There are 5 types of effects:

Flip Effect:
Flip effects are activated when a face down card is flipped face up. This may happen when a card is flipped face up, attacked while face down, or flip summoned. Cards that say FLIP indicate a flip effect monster (Ex:Man-eater Bug). Flip effect monsters are annoying to deal with so make sure when your opponent sets a card that you know what you are up against.

Some Flip effect monsters:
Here we see that when ryko is flipped he may target a card, destroy it, then must mill 3.

Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat:
This guy when flipped, by summon or attack will summon 2 mecha phantom beast tokens but his other effect to not be destroyed will not work so if he is attacked and gets killed, you get the special summons but not the protection.

Continuous Effect:
This effect activates when an effect monster is face up on the field. This effect ends when the monster is gone or no longer face-up. Some examples of this effect are:

Banisher of the Radiance:
This guy's continuous effect is the banishing effect and it ends if he goes face down, his effect is negated, or he is destroyed. Pretty simple right?

Archlord Kristya:
Archlord Kristya has the continuous effect that neither player can special summon monsters.

Ignition Effect:
Ignition effects are effects that are activated by declaring its activation. Some have a cost to activate, which can help start combos.

Some examples of Ignition effect monsters:
Buten is an ignition effect because we can declare its activation. It is also a spell speed 1.

Gale The Whirlwing:
Gale's effect to reduce the attack of a monster is ignition because you can declare the activation.

Trigger Effect:
Trigger effects are activated at specific times, such as during the standby phase and when this monster is destroyed by battle. These cards can be key to getting your combos off. Exciting right? Let's look at some examples!


This little guy is actually called sangan but hes banned so its ok. Anyways this thing is triggered when he is sent from the field to the graveyard (XYZ material detach of sangan does not trigger his effect!!!!) and the trigger effect is adding a dark to your hand. The concept is pretty simple if you think about it.

Heraldic beast leo is triggered when he is sent to the graveyard, and similar to sangan he adds a monster to your hand. The difference between Leo and Sangan is that Leo gets his effect when sent to the graveyard  so he can get his effect during Detachment, Discarding, Milling, Sending, tributing etc... and basically he never misses timing since he is mandatory. Best card in heraldic beasts he opens up combos for them, so if you run them run 3 of this guy.

Quick effect:
These effects can be activated during either player's turn, and is indicated as such on the card text. These effects are the only monster effects that are spell speed 2. Let's look at some examples.

Constellar Pleiades:
Constellar pleiades has a quick effect of bouncing anything on the field to the hand. He may be activated during either player's turn simple as that. Very good card for constellars and rank 5 decks.

Abyss Dweller:
Abyss dweller's effect to negate graveyard effects can be activated during either player's turn so it is a quick effect.

Stay tuned for the quiz!

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Lesson 3: Monster effects
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