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 Lesson 9:Infinite Loops

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PostSubject: Lesson 9:Infinite Loops   Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:20 pm

  • What is an infinite loop?

An infinite loop is when cards, when combined create a loop that never ends. There are two types of infinite loop, both with rules that duelists should know.

  • The No Net Change Loop

This is a type of infinite loop in which nothing happens and it is ILLEGAL. If this has been done accidentally, the player who started the no net change loop must go back to the offending summon or activation and the turn continues from there.

  • The Net Change Loop

This is a type of infinite loop in which something does happen and is LEGAL, so long as something is happening. a great example is Burn loops (Fusion gate chain material burn) . However, A loop where the only Net Change is the increase of a player's Life Points is considered a No Net Change, because a game cannot be ended due to a player having too many Life Points.

  • What about the other ones?

All other loops, such as the Quillbolt Loop, are controlled by a player and can be stopped at anytime when the player sees fit. Such loops are completely legal, but if it becomes a controlled No Net Change loop, the player cannot perform it; this would be a form of stalling and is not legal. An example would be a player using a Burn Quillbolt Loop when the opponent has Activated "Hallowed Life Barrier" for the turn.
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Sailor Moon

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PostSubject: Re: Lesson 9:Infinite Loops   Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:13 am

Looks Like I have to come in here.

To add in A player cannot ever do a infinite loop repeatedly. Doing any loop repeatedly Can result in stalling and result in a gameloss or a warning for slow play.

In order to conduct an Infinite Loop that will produce results. You will show the loop to your opponent 2 or 3 times until they understand it. Then you ask them if they have anything or will stop the loop at any point. If not You state How many times you will do the loop and multiply the end result and do the 1 action all at once. such as a life gain loop you will state the number of times you do it then set your life to however much the loop increased it by.

However if the opponent wishes to stop the loop at anypoint they will communicate how many times they will allow you to do the loop.

And no Infinite is not a legal number to declare the loop. You cannot ever have Infinite Life points. The loop will end after the player has declared a Reasonable Number and the life points or draws will be set to that.(or whatever else the loop does).

If a Loop is meant to burn the opponent to 0 life points then repeat the steps above and then state how many times you do the loop in order to make the life points 0. Once done so if the opponent cannot stop the loop then they lose the duel. Refusing to lose the duel can result in penalties as even though the actions were not done your life is supposed to be reduced to zero due to the mandatory Loop Shortcut.
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Lesson 9:Infinite Loops
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