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 Lesson 4: Missing The Timing

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PostSubject: Lesson 4: Missing The Timing   Thu May 08, 2014 12:40 am

Ok so this one will be mainly informational so there is likely to be less pictures, without further ado:

  • So, what the heck is missing the timing?

Some optional effects are only activated "when" the condition happens (example : Geargiaccelerator's second effect) and if something else happens after the activation condition was met, then it is known as miss timing. When...You can cards are optional effects that can miss the timing, so this applies mainly to trigger effects, but can be applied to spell/traps such as appropiate.

  • So, what is an example of missing the timing?

Poison Draw Frog when tributed for a tributed summon will not get its draw due to the fact that he is tributed for the cost and his being sent to the graveyard was not the last thing that happened.

  • So does this apply to all optional effects?

No, optional effects miss the timing when they say When... you can; in other words, if the optional effect says if... you can or After... then the effect does not miss the timing. Examples of each are wattapon and Voltanis the Adjudicator.

  • Do mandatory effects miss the timing?

No they do not.

This concludes lesson 4, i might expand on this later but thats the jimmy on miss timing, which is from what i see something admins get called on for a good bit, so i hope this helps. I can also add a review test later if anybody wants to test themselves on miss timing. Other than that, Feedback is appreciated Very Happy.
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Lesson 4: Missing The Timing
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